New Practice Software — and how it affects you, our patients

Dear HFM Patients,

We are in the process of implementing new practice software (including a new portal) to better serve you and to help us to stay current. This is a big task, much like when you get a new computer — except we’re all doing it at the same time.

We are working hard to minimize delays and issues during this time and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Until further notice, we recommend the following:

  • Call the office for your prescription refills don’t use the portal.
  • Call the office to make an appointmentdon’t use the portal.
  • Call the office with questions don’t use the portal.
  • Expect delays in your medical records being uploaded to the portal.

When all systems are go, you will receive an email inviting you to join the new portal. After receiving your portal invitation, please take a moment to set up your new account so that you may continue to access your existing and future medical records.

During this update, it might take a little longer to check in our check out as we continue training on the software system.

Our call centers are also taking a much larger call volume as all Patient Portal communication must also go through them. You may experience longer than usual hold times when you call, and it might take longer to get a return phone call. If possible, have your calendar available when you call to schedule an appointment. If you need to request a prescription refill, have the prescription bottle and pharmacy information available when you call. Thank you.

Thank you! We appreciate each of our patients and look forward to serving your health needs.