We care about you!


At HFM-Smithfield our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of our patients.  To protect our patients and staff, we hope to minimize potential exposures to all infectious agents, especially  COVID-19.  We can best do this by keeping our waiting room empty and by minimizing traffic through our office.  Our plan is a ‘no touch’ policy whereby patient care is provided through electronic media or by phone.  Occasionally a problem may warrant an in-person visit.  We also have a plan to minimize exposure risk for those who must come into the facility.

  • Telehealth appointments will be available for all HFM patients through our Smithfield office as of March 30, 2020.  Call (919) 934-5149.
  • All regular follow-up visits will be converted to telehealth visits.
  • All sick visits will also be triaged through telehealth.
  • Wellness visits will be postponed.   We do not want our healthy patients to risk exposure.  (Exception:  Certain visits which require immunizations and Medicare Annual Wellness visits which can be conducted by phone.)
  • Patients who are suspected to have Coronavirus will be asked to stay at home and self-quarantine.  If severely ill, they will be directed to the hospital. 
  • This policy will remain in place until we are sure the current crisis has stabilized.


When you call to schedule a visit, to refill medication or for other clinical concerns, HFM staff will explain our telehealth process and update your personal information, just as they would for an in-office visit.  If possible, you will be scheduled for a same-day telehealth visit.  A clinical assistant will call you to triage your visit with your doctor, just as she would for an in-office visit.  Then, your doctor will contact you to complete your virtual visit.  If additional testing or in-person exam is indicated, we will help you arrange it.

PREPARE FOR YOUR VISIT–You can help us by gathering helpful patient information before your call. 

VITAL SIGNS—weight, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and Pulse Ox (if available). 

MEDICATION LIST—including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements.  Don’t forget injectable medicines and things you only take as needed).  Include the name, strength and frequency of your medicines.  Also, note if you are having problems with your medicines and which may need refills.  Check to be sure your pharmacy will be open.

THE REASON FOR YOUR CALL/VISIT—Write down what issues you need to address.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION—If you have seen another provider or have had significant changes in your health since you last saw your doctor, please tell the clinical assistant.  She may need to get additional information before your visit.

WRITE DOWN ALL OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION BEFORE YOU CALL.  Then call (919) 934-5149.  We often have a large call volume first thing in the morning.  So, if you do not get an answer, try again after 9:00 a.m.

Help us help you to stay safe.  Maintain social distancing.  Exercise regularly. Get at least 8 hours of high quality sleep.  Plan at least 20-30 minutes of outdoor activities every day.  Choose healthy food options and do not overeat.