Horizon Family Medicine, PA has been proudly serving Johnston County since 1980.


Here are some services we offer:

  • Comprehensive family medical care
  • Office visits by scheduled appointment
  • Office and hospital care
  • 24-hour physician availability
  • In-office radiology and laboratory service


…and some fine print:

Phone Calls

Routine questions and medication refill requests should be phoned to the office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. When you call our office, give all the information you can to the person answering the phone. They have instructions on how to handle most problems and the information to give to the physician. This can save you an unnecessary trip to the doctor or to the emergency room. Information on lab tests or refills on prescriptions are handled by the office staff as directed by the physician. We will be happy to discuss problems with you when the opportunity permits. However, we may not be able to return phone calls until later in the day, as time permits. If you feel that your problem cannot be handled by phone, please schedule a visit at the earliest available time. There may be a charge for phone call consultations requiring treatment and for after hour prescription refills.


We prescribe medicines judiciously, and we try to make our patients aware of side effects that are most likely to occur. We may not mention some side effects that occur infrequently. If you have a question about a possible effect of a medicine, please contact your physician.

Laboratory Tests and X-Rays

Our office is equipped to complete basic blood and urine tests. Tests not performed in our office are sent to an outside referral laboratory which provides fast, reliable service. We offer x-rays, bone densities, screening mammograms, EKG and spirometry. Ultrasound services are available through our office. We will refer you for more complicated tests and procedures as necessary.

Hospital Care

We can provide hospital care for the entire age spectrum, infants to adults. we manage pregnancy, delivery of babies, and we care for newborns after delivery. If you are ever hospitalized by another specialist, please contact our office so that we can keep up-to-date with your health status. All of our physicians provide medical care at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield.

Payment for Services Rendered

We recognize the need for an understanding between the patient and physician regarding financial arrangement for medical care. Our physicians provide services which include advice, prescription management, counseling, specialized techniques and supportive care.  Patients will be asked to present their insurance card to the receptionist upon arrival to our office for insurance verification.  After receiving their care, patients are expected to check out with the receptionist and make payments for services rendered at the time of the visit.  This includes any co-pays not already paid, deductibles, and/or any non-covered services.  Payment may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa.  When patients visit our office, they are given an itemized statement of services provided.  As a courtesy, we may file insurance for the services provided, and the insurance carrier may send payment directly to the patient.  If patients are unable to pay at the time of the visit, they will be requested to see our business personnel for a conference on payment.   If we do not participate with your insurance carrier, please ask our receptionist about the possibility of our practice contracting with the insurance carrier.

Missed Appointment Fee

If, for some reason, you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel the appointment at least 24-hours in advance.  There is a $25.00 charge for missed appointments.

Notice of Privacy Practices

The privacy of your health and personal information is important to us. Please click here for our Notice of Privacy Practices.