Patient Survey Results


What we are doing well:

Thanks to all who are participating in our ongoing patient surveys.  We are pleased to report that most patients feel the availability of appointments is timely.  85% of our patients were able to get an appointment within one day of their request and everyone was able to get an appointment within 2-3 days of their request.

What we plan to improve:

70% of patients report getting answers to phone calls during office hours, but only 20% report getting an answer when needed after hours.  Our phone logs show that almost all after hours calls are returned within 30 minutes, so we need to investigate this further.

We’ve also been working to improve our call centers.  In January we decentralized our call center to try to improve access and give you a more personal experience.



What we are doing well:

In 2015 we saw more than 3500 patients in our weekend Acute Care Clinics.  We know how much having weekend access means to our patients.  The Acute Care Clinics save patients expensive urgent care and ER co-pays, charging only the regular office visit co-pay. Also, weekend hours help patients get the care they need without long waits at the ER or having to wait until Monday.

What we plan to improve: 

Many of our patients show up at the Acute Care Clinics first thing in the morning. While that is the nature of a walk-in clinic option, we are looking for ways to improve this process.  We welcome your input.



If you have not taken the patient survey and are a current Horizon patient, we appreciate your input. Click here to take the survey. Your feedback helps us continue to improve.



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